Drugs & Alcohol

Beer and wine is allowed. Hard alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are strictly forbidden aboard the vessel.   Marijuana is also not allowed on board, even though its legal in Washington state, because the Coast Guard is a federal agency that issues the captain’s license and we operate on federal waters. Glass bottles are not allowed on board. If you choose to bring beverages, please choose cans/cartons or plastic bottles. Drinking alcohol prior to your charter is generally a bad idea….we try to keep chumming to a minimum 😉

Booking & Cancellation Policy

5 Days cancellation notice is required.

Any cancellation within 5 days for any reason will require payment in full.

We go rain or shine and up to 25 knots of wind at the captain’s discretion. Safety is priority.


While payment in cash is preferred, checks can be made out to Peist Charters.


Gratuities are greatly appreciated and can be added to your chosen form of payment at the completion of your charter.


U.S.C.G. law dictates that all children 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times while on board.  We encourage bringing and wearing your own life vests or we will provide them for you.  Please inform the Captain prior to the charter of your children’s ages and approximate size.

Smoking is PROHIBITED aboard the vessel.