Surfing the Straits

Surfing the Straits of Juan de Fuca trips typically run October thru April. The boat allows access to areas that are not easily accessible by foot, or areas not open to the public. Or if the weather/conditions allow, we can head over to the Canadian side. Suit up in the boat’s warm cabin and we’ll drop you at the top of the lineup. When you’re done, climb back aboard, peel off the neoprene and enjoy a hot beverage in the heated cabin. Surfing the PNW has never been more enjoyable. This is a one, two, or three day weekend trip usually departing from Port Angeles, Sekiu, or Neah Bay but other arrangements are available upon request. Overnight options include staying in Victoria for some night life or other more mellow coastal towns.

It takes a lot for things to come together (swell, wind, tides, etc) so these trips are rare. Email us and we’ll put you on the list. Capt. Woody will watch the forecast and when a particular weekend looks favorable we’ll contact you to see if you’re interested. Experienced surfers only, 4 people & 2 boards/person maximum per trip. SUPs and foilers welcome.

The goal is to get two 2-hour sessions per day and one session on travel days, weather permitting. The intent is to surf less frequented spots, not to dump more people into crowded lineups. We do our best to respect the locals and tread lightly. Give respect to get respect.

Like any surf trip, there are no guarantees of good waves, but that’s part of the adventure. Every spot has its day and we’ll do everything we can to get you and your crew out there.